Understanding bo or pairs pai gow for American Players

bo or pairs pai gow is a creation of Sam Torosian – a renowned Casino Owner , back in the 1980s . Unfortunately , Sam never patented his invention . This , however , did not cripple the ambitions of the game . bo or pairs pai gow is now a household name in virtually every casino , be it land-based or online . Here , your ultimate action is to make just two poker hands . They include one two-card hand . The other is a one five-card hand .

If lady luck falls on your side and your two poker hands are able to beat the dealer’s , then you win ! That easy In a case where only one hand wins , its referred to as a push . If both hands loose , you simply lost . As you can see , bo or pairs pai gow itself is easy and easy to comprehend for any experienced player that loves poker games .

How to Play bo or pairs pai gow

  1. bo or pairs pai gow is a lowly interactive game and fun to play in both a live casino or even an online casino .
  2. bo or pairs pai gow comes with lots of advantage to the player

As you can probably figure out , bo or pairs pai gow comes with endless fun and is based on simple rules . All you need to do is get a seat at Pai table and play on some stake , while unnaturally increasing your chances to move money around . You may need to note that odds here are usually in favour winning just one hand on each deal , and thereby making the game very low risk .

How to Place Wagers – bo or pairs pai gow Poker

Just like any other casino game , bo or pairs pai gow begins with the iGamer placing a wager before they can receive any cards . In this game , you make a bet only within the duration of specified hand . It also must be within the mini and the max betting limits as shown inflexible . You can also make a bonus bet besides if it appears inflexible .

Experienced players understand that the better the premium hand , the higher the chances you got for a good pay . You may need to note that the bonus wager doesn’t really devolve on if you are winning your main bet or not . Some bo or pairs pai gow experts / players are of the opinion that betting on the bonus therein game isn’t a very bright idea after all .

bo or pairs pai gow Poker – The Deal with bo or pairs pai gow

Typically , bo or pairs pai gow requires competent 6 players and a dealer . Once all bets have been placed , you will receive 7 cards . This , however , doesn’t mean that if all seats aren’t full that the dealer won’t wheel deal . Indeed , he will deal 7 cards to each of the respective places . The four remaining cards are left facing down as a muck pile . Further to this , the dealer is supposed to pick unused hands .

Easy and Straight forward

Each of the players can then start by setting up their 2 bo or pairs pai gow hands . That’s easy and straight forward . Right ? In this article , we will further explore another technical aspects of the game such as how to arrange a Poker Hand successfully , and the worth of each of the cards in the game including the Jokers and Ace amongst others in bo or pairs pai gow .

  1. Your job is to arrange cards to poker hands
  2. bo or pairs pai gow makes use of your conventional card numbers .

Each of the cards here at bo or pairs pai gow accompany different values . Each of the two hands you make also go with different values too . The backhand , popularly called the high hand is simply a standard 5-card poker hand . The low/front hand , on the other hand , is made of two cards . This , therefore , means that your low hand could be a pair or just two high cards .

Joker Worth in bo or pairs pai gow

Whether you are an experienced player or even a rookie , you have must used a joker at some point . With bo or pairs pai gow , you can use the Joker to substitute for a card in various ways . For instance , you can use to on any card that can be unaccustomed complete a straight . You can also use on any card that can complete a flush . Additionally , a joker can always replace the Ace .

5-Card Hand MUST Be Higher- bo or pairs pai gow

  • There is only one rule you can use to separate your bo or pairs pai gow hands

As you might have already learnt by now , you can see the minute hand comes with a pair while the small one comes with an Ace only in bo or pairs pai gow . Doing it the other way cannot be allowed since the small hand could , therefore , outrank the minute hand . Notably , messing up means that your small hand outranked the other and is titled fouling your hand , and certainly leads to losing your bet .

You may need to note the A-2-3-4-5 in bo or pairs pai gow is usually ranked in accordance with the Standard Poker Hand Rankings . This is however in exception to some casinos . A-2-3-4-5 is also popularly known as the wheel and is the 2nd highest straight . Its , unnaturally , a weird rule that many casinos have dropped over time . Many other casinos still hold it true . You may need to check your house rules .

bo or pairs pai gow – Strategy of American Players

One of the most basic strategies in bo or pairs pai gow is splitting your hand in a way by which you get the strongest possible hand – the 2 card hand . This is simply for one reason that you cant lose your wager if one of your hands is stronger than your dealer’s . Be sure not to however outrank your five-card hand as that would be considered a foul .

There is however an exception to this strategy is you are in a position to come with a very strong five-card hand . In such a scenario , you can be almost sure of winning the bo or pairs pai gow . You can therefore free toll your two-card hand . Sometimes , you can also decide to play hands and avoid pairs all at once . Below is the commonly accepted method in such a scenario .

  • Leave the highest-ranked card to the big hand
  • Put the second highest card ahead of the lower hand of bo or pairs pai gow .

This indeed makes your lower hand as strong as possible but without outranking your higher hand . Always be sure to play 3-of a kind in your favorable position unless you got 3 aces . If you get 3 aces , be sure to play 3 a pair in the whip hand and an ace-high for the low hand . You can also split quads into two pairs of JJ each .

Determining a Winning bo or pairs pai gow Hand

Once all bets have been placed and hands set , its time to compare your hands to those of the dealer . Here is where the contest begins . If your both hands are better than the dealer’s both hands , you qualify for a1 : 1 bet . On the other side , if your both hands are worse than those of the dealer , you simply lose your bet . Also , if you have a tie with the dealer , you lose .

bo or pairs pai gow Poker – House Edge of US Casinos

Lets first what exactly house edge In a casino refers to before coming down to bo or pairs pai gow . House edge simply refers to the ratio of the average loss in relation to the initial bet . You also could define is as the ration of the money lost to the total amount wagered by a player . It is important to note that in some games , the beginning wager isn’t necessarily the ending wager .

bo or pairs pai gow Poker – House Edge

Coming back to bo or pairs pai gow now . Notably , the house edge therein game is pretty low ( 2 . 8% ) . It indeed can be reduced further , if you know how to use your hands in the best way possible . When you win , the casino may take a 5% commission . Others may not take the commission after all . With no commission going to the casino , you stand a 1 . 3% advantage .

Comparison of bo or pairs pai gow to other Poker variants

While this game was founded in the united states of america , it still borrows a number of characteristics from Chinese poker variants . Notably , it is played using cards as opposed to the traditional Chinese dominoes as compared to other poker variants from Chinese . Here , as opposed to many other poker versions , the regular get rich quick strategy do not work at all . bo or pairs pai gow doesn’t offer as large winnings as compared to other variants too .

Play Free bo or pairs pai gow Poker Online in USA

Now that you have learned more about playing the game online , you can now get a casino of choice and try out your luck . Just like in many other poker types , taking this step may need some courage . One word of encouragement however is , bo or pairs pai gow is a friendly game and can be considered even for rookies . Poker players will certainly have a field day at bo or pairs pai gow .

  1. Be sure to check wager limits for bo or pairs pai gow with your house

Choosing a casino to play bo or pairs pai gow !

bo or pairs pai gow is a game that comes with a very low house edge , meaning players are likely yo make some bucks here . For this reason , you need to choose a casino that you are assured of getting your winnings as soon as they appear . One of the factors to consider is a legit casino . Be sure to check for the casino’s license , just without doubt .

  1. Check out if available payment methods are allowed in your country .
  2. Check of the casino offers bo or pairs pai gow in their lobby

Indeed , its a good idea to understand the house rules the casino has for the bo or pairs pai gow . This assists you in making a decision on the right strategy to make use of here . For instance , check if the casino needs any commissions on your wins you bet to use that to your advantage as explained above . Others may include various rules including wagering requests that are custom as per casino .

Wrapping it Up

You can always degust the free version of the game before you can deposit some funds and go full throttle . If you are a rookie , this assists you in understanding the game better . If you are an experienced player , this perhaps could be a chance to learn more bo or pairs pai gow tricks and increase your chances of winning the game when you decide to go live .